Valentine’s Day is upon us once again. Many couples head out and enjoy some fine dining or a fun date night, however a significant portion of couples are totally over that. Many couples loathe the idea of doing all the typical things and paying a stupid fee for a meal. Staying indoors for Valentine’s Day is every bit as acceptable and awesome as any other date idea, plus it saves money.

So for the couple who are over restaurants and cheesy dates, or for the couples who plan on returning home for an early night, we think you should crack open Netflix and curl up on the couch, or bed, and enjoy a nice, romantic movie.

If you’ve been with your partner for a while, particularly if you’re the rom-com type, there’s a strong chance you’ve seen many of the notable romantic movies. You’ve likely seen The Notebook, Me Before You, The Proposal, and all the like. For that reason, I’ve compiled a list of entertainment that is a little less obvious. I like to think I’ve covered all the bases but I wanted to showcase some movies that often get overlooked when it comes to Valentine’s Day and romance in general. So jump in and maybe try something you’ve never seen before.