It’s a little hard to believe but this Sunday will be the last episode of Game of Thrones. After almost a decade, the show is coming to a close and…well it’s been nothing if not controversial. Suffice to say, fans have had some mixed feelings about the direction of the season so far but let’s be honest, we’re all gonna be glued to the TV for the finale regardless.

Spoilers! In the most recent episode of the show, Daenerys, Jon Snow, the Unsullied, and more, stormed King’s Landing and took the war to Cersei. Despite the latter surrendering, Daenerys finally turned to the dark side and chose to use her dragon to burn the city to the ground. Of course, that meant killing countless innocent men, women, and children. Thus leading to a finale of the Stark family and Tyrion Lannister seemingly trying to stop Daenerys from taking her seat on the throne. You can check out the short trailer below, followed by interviews with the cast and crew.

So today we want to tell you about where you can watch Game of Thrones in Mississauga. Mississauga is happy to get in on the action though, as we saw a few weeks ago when the Iron Throne came to Square One Mall and patrons lined-up in the masses to take a seat and feel the power.

Also, let’s not forget, if you want to be as immersed in the battle for Westeros as possible, you can head to any LCBO and grab Game of Thrones themed wine. So if you’re staying at home on Sunday to watch the finale, feel free to uncork a bottle and pretend you’re Tyrion.

However the most epic place to watch the finale is, without a doubt, the Cineplex Cinema. The Cineplex at Winston Churchill is showing the finale this Sunday, at 8:30 PM. This is an incredible opportunity to watch, scream, cry, and cheer along with passionate fans as the game comes to an end.