Nothing lasts forever. It’s true in regards to anything in life, but especially the food industry. Trends come and go, and so does the popularity of restaurants. Which is why it was simultaneously surprising and not so much when one of Mississauga’s most popular/controversial restaurants was shuttered in recent times.

The Tilted Kilt, found at 285 Enfield Place, recently shut its doors for reasons unknown, though we can assume it was down to a lack of business. The Tilted Kilt was a British themed pub/restaurant that sported scantily-clad waitresses – something that it decidedly non-British – and thus was inevitably quite controversial. Especially in recent times, it’s hard to see how restaurants like that can stay in business.

tilted Kilt Mississauga

And, alas, the one in the city centre did not stay in business. However, as soon as one door shuts, another opens. And thus we have the incoming of a new restaurant that is likely to be far less controversial.

The Wave Bar & Lounge, as it is to be known, is currently under construction at the old Titled Kilt location. We don’t know much else about the soon-to-be restaurant, as it doesn’t have a social media presence as of yet, however we can safely assume it will be a more family-friendly option than The Tilted Kilt.

The Wave Bar & Lounge is liable to open early in the new year at 285 Enfield Place, which itself is a vibrant area that is constantly growing. So keep your eyes peeled in the coming weeks and months for The Wave’s grand opening, it’s sure to make a splash!