Every year, the world embraces German culture for a few weeks starting near the end of September. This is known as Oktoberfest, which derives from the early 1800s as a way to celebrate King Ludwig’s marriage to Princess Therese von Sachsen-Hildburghausen and has blossomed from there. With a wide array of different activities hosted annually that ensure that many are able to explore all that Bavarian culture has to offer.

With that history lesson in mind, here are a few fun and easy ways to enjoy the different aspects of Oktoberfest, right here in Mississauga.

Get A Bite Of Bavarian Schnitzel At The Apricot Tree Cafe

Apricot Cafe Weiner Schnitzel

The Apricot Tree Cafe is a quaint spot that offers you the experience of being in Europe, without ever having to buy a ticket. Offering some the true Bavarian favs like wiener schnitzel, which we do have to say is definitely a must eat here. The food experience here is definitely unique compared to many of the cafes out there currently. With an open concept kitchen, you’re able to see your food being made from scratch, like some of the European cafes you know and love.

Grab A German Beer At The Bier Markt

Beer in a stein

Now for many of you who are looking to embrace the true German tradition of enjoying a good beer. The Bier Markt gives you a variety of both traditional German brews, along with also offering some craft beer options that will introduce your palate to new flavours. The environment if you’ve never been to a Bier Markt location is more of a modern lounge style atmosphere. Bringing some of the best aspects of beer making, you’ll taste the difference between something that is brewed on site vs a big brand that sells to all the restaurant.

Eat Your Favourite Pretzel In Square One 

Pretzel Bread

Nothing quite allows you to truly embrace German culture like enjoying a pretzel. Luckily, there are a wide range of pretzel options for you to try in the Square One mall. With the well known Auntie Anne’s being a popular option, you’ll be able to enjoy those oh so satisfying soft pretzels made using classic German recipes. 

Now if Auntie Anne’s is not your go to, you may also want to try Mr. Pretzels. A new comer to the mall, this place provides a great alternative that will satisfy your palate. With fun and fresh pretzels that will allow you to enjoy both your savoury and sweet tooth, like toffee,sesame or chocolate. There is no wrong flavour you can get as all of them are truly inspired by truly Dutch recipes.      

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Stop by The Hansa Haus For A Traditional Event Experience

Hansa Haus Oktoberfest event

The Hansa Haus is Mississauga’s own German cultural house. It acts as the central meeting place for all things German within the area. There are regular events happening every weekend, with the most recent event happening this Friday (Schnitzel night). You can visit the Hansa Haus and just get a chance to enjoy the camaraderie of coming together in the name of enjoying one’s culture.