As you drive south along Mississauga Road heading towards Port Credit, just past the train tracks, is the source of craft beer in Mississauga. Not hard to spot, Old Credit Brewery has been located there for the last 15 years and is commonly known as Mississauga’s oldest and only brewery.

When Old Credit first opened, they wanted to create a unique product. They decided to use sub-zero brewing which was an unheard of brewing technique in the North American market and even rare in Europe. This created a beer that was of top quality.

This craft brewery specializes in two different types of small batch beer as well as a special limited edition holiday brew. Their two main beers that are offered all year round are  Amber Ale and Pale Pilsner. What makes Old Credit unique is their variation to a simple ale and pilsner beer. The Amber Ale brewing process begins as any traditional pale ale but what makes it unique is that it is brewed with an amber malt giving it a nutty taste with a fruity undertone. The Pale Pilsner as well combines a less traditional brewing style, beginning the process as an ale then is fermented as you would a pilsner. Their unique brewing techniques create unmatched quality that sets Old Credit apart from other craft brewers.

If you’re looking for a taste, Old Credit can be found on tap at multiple bars in the Port Credit area as well it can be purchased direct from the brewery on Mississauga Road along with select LCBO stores.