The Vic Johnston community centre has been a pillar within the Streetsville area. As it has played a part in the lives of everyday residents, from first dates and friendships to wedding bells ringing. During this pandemic, the centre has had to remain closed to avoid any contraction of the Covid-19 virus. There is good news, as once the centre reopens it will look revived, refreshed and ready for you to enjoy.     

Some of the key improvements include a fresh coat of paint within the facility, ensuring that the moment that you step into the centre it will feel like a brand new experience. The revitalized flooring will be a welcome addition for those wanting a vibrant feel with each step, yes I did say vibrant.  

When the centre does open there will be a whole host of new measures put in place to ensure the safety of both the staff and the public. The measures being put in place include a readily available bevy of personal protection equipment (PPEs) for both staff and members of the public to use when entering. Additionally, as a precautionary measure and ensure that those who could be at risk of infection, there is talk of adding an additional trained staff member to ensure to complete temperature checks for entrants. 

After things return to the “new normal” you can be assured that your safety is placed at the highest priority with all of the necessary tools and resources available for your use. The best part is that with these new improvements you are guaranteed to be returning to a new look centre. So there are definitely some positives to be taken from this whole pandemic experience. Like you, we’re also looking forward to this Streetsville gem opening again, as it means more moments can be shared with your loved ones.