While there are a thousand others just like it, Streetsville’s Centre Plaza has an edge which makes it a popular destination for people from all over.  Apart from the variety of stores, services, and ample free parking that draw people to the locale, this edge is due in large part to the presence of ‘Enzo’s – Two Guys From Italy.’

There’s a reason Enzo’s has garnered a loyal clientele and become a perennial favourite in its thirty-four years in operation: delicious food…oh, and attentive service…oh, and comfortable familiarity.  Okay, so there are a number of reasons.

Another factor in the restaurant’s ongoing success is the dedication of owner/chef Enzo Tamburrini and his wife Ruth Gosselin who are certainly putting in the requisite hours – often 70-80 per week!  Their passion is reflected in the high quality of the food.  Enzo makes his own sauces from scratch, the vodka cream justly being his favourite.  Ironically, it is perhaps because they are so busy that the décor has become somewhat dated or ‘well loved’.  It’s hard to close for renovations when there is a steady stream of hungry patrons!

For this review I took my mum on a Thursday night, which was apt given the family-friendly setting.  I ordered the shrimp and scallop fettuccini with cacciatore sauce ($16.95) and paired it with a glass of lively Valpolicella ($6.86).  The pasta was perfectly al dente and the sauce contained a generous amount of shrimp and scallops resulting in a very satisfying meal.  Mum opted for a small Caesar salad ($6.50) and Italian wedding soup ($4.50).

Aside from the variety of pastas, sandwiches, and options from the grill, Enzo’s pizza is a particular favourite, likely due to the airy dough he makes from scratch.  Whether for a big pizza pie or a massive deep-dish, the oven is continually in use for good reason: the ‘za is tremendous.

If you haven’t got the time to eat in, Enzo’s offerings are available for take-out and via doordash.com.  Catering is also a popular option whether for an office lunch or a get-together with friends.  Open Monday through Saturday until 10pm, the evenings and weekends are usually quite busy so it behoves one to make a reservation or else make ‘date night’ during a weekday.   You can find Enzo’s Two Guys From Italy at 128 Queen St. South, Unit 17 and reservations can be made by calling 905 826-5100.