There’s been a surge in the past few weeks and months of Mississaugians wanting to get outside and embrace nature like never before. As such, there’s been a lot of interest in walking, cycling, and even roller blades.

Well we’ve written plenty about where to walk, where to bike, and where to buy said bikes. So it’s only fair that we direct you to where you can buy some rollerblades and support local businesses that need the help!

So read on and get yourself some great roller skates, then head to your local parks while you wait for Scooter’s Roller Place to re-open on July 2nd!

Pro Hockey Life

‘The Ultimate Hockey Megastore’ is what Pro Hockey Life likes to call itself, and most Canadians are infinitely familar with the brand. And there is one Pro Hockey Life store in Mississauga, which can be found at the Heartland Town Centre. There you will find a huge selection of hockey equipment and roller blades to suit all your needs.

Sport Chek

Everybody knows and loves Sport Chek, it’s a Canadian institution. Sport Chek is where you’ll find everything from mouth guards to The Rock’s Under Armour clothes. And Mississauga operates three Sport Chek stores, and all of them have loads of great rollerblades to choose from. There’s all shapes, colours, and sizes, from $79.99 to $399.99. And you’ll have lots of pads and helmets to match.

National Sports

National Sports is possibly one of the lesser known stores but it too has a brillaint selection of blades for you to start your new obsession. There are two National Sports stores in Mississauga; one on Eglington Avenue West, and another Dundas Street East. There you’ll find a vast array of skates, from $89.99 to $199.97. So try either of the National Sports stores and get your or your family ready for a roll in the park!