Halloween is almost here and it’s time to decorate. Whether that’s pumpkins, skulls, spiders, yard decor, or whatever else, you’ll be able to find it around Mississauga.

So today we want to point you in the direction of where exactly you can buy said decorations. It’s going to be a quick list, so let’s not waste anymore time, and get down to the spooktacular goodness!


Walmart is the go-to stop for just about everything, and 2019 is no different. You can head to Walmart at Square One, Erin Mills, Dixie, or Heartland Town Centre and grab your decor now.

There you’ll find lots of pumpkins, inflatables, treat bags, costumes, cobwebs, wall hangings, candles, party stuff, window stickers, candy bowls, and, of course, candy.

Party City

Party City is the go-to spot for all things seasonal, whether that’s Easter, Christmas, or, yes, Halloween. There you will find props like expensive animatronics of Pennywise the Clown, outdoor decor like tombstones, spiders, fog machines, and hanging ghouls, and everything from table cloths to costumes for indoors.

Party City is a great chain of stores and there is two of them in Mississauga; one at Heartland Town Centre, and one at 3050 Vega Boulevard. Head to one today to get your goodies!

Spirit Halloween

And our final store is, of course, Spirit Halloween. The seasonal store is everybody’s go-to for Halloween decor, costumes, and everything in between. There’s only one in Mississauga and it’s located on Rathburn Road, near Square One.

At Spirit Halloween you can find just about everything your spooky heart desires; whether it’s full-size animatronic dolls, giant spiders to freak out the children, a Chucky doll for your hallway, creepy lights to string from every roof corner, or Sanderson Sister costumes for your and your friends. Whatever it is you’re after, you can find it at Spirit Halloween!