People do strange things during an epidemic. For years now we’ve been seeing videos and pictures of people in stores like Walmart, fighting and screaming over a 30% discount on a 50″ TV on Black Friday.

If you’re sitting on the outside looking in, these things always seem like funny anecdotes that couldn’t possibly happen in your neighbourhood. Well if the COVID-19 epidemic has proven us anything, it’s that even the most civilised society is a news report away from collapsing into a Mad Max dystopia in which we defy government recommendations in lieu of brawling over some Charmin.

Now this story isn’t quite as chaotic as that, but it is still a rather bizarre one. If you’ve passed near the Heartland Town Centre shopping area, you might have noticed some long lines formed outside the Krispy Kreme store. Don’t worry though, everyone is safely inside their cars and not lined-up on the sidewalk.

In some videos and picture uploaded to Facebook and Instagram, we bore witness to a line-up of vehicles that snaked right the way around the empty parking lot, with more than two dozen cars waiting. So why the excitement for Krispy Kreme? Is it the mouth-watering original glazed doughnut? The glazed with Kreme filling? Apple fritter? New York Cheesecake? Well, yes and no.

You see, there are five Krispy Kreme locations in all of Ontario but the Heartland Town Centre is the only one with an active drive-through. Every other Krispy Kreme in the province has shut its drive-through, leaving many with a severe lack of glaze and coffee.

And so the Heartland Town Centre Krispy Kreme has surged in popularity with, seemingly, people from all over Ontario driving to the store to get their sugar fix. Of course, if you’re hungry you can still go inside the Krispy Kreme or a Tim Horton’s, but if you want to practice good social distancing then you might want to join the crowd at Krispy Kreme.