Every year, MISA (The Municipal Information Systems Association) recognizes Ontario’s municipalities for excellence in the use and delivery of technology.  At the organization’s June 4th awards ceremony in Hamilton, Mississauga became one of four municipalities to receive the Excellence in Municipal Systems Award for 2018.

A record number of nominating submissions were received by MISA this year.  Submissions nominated Ontario municipalities for their work on digital transformations of municipal systems (aka smart cities projects).

The Excellence in Municipal Systems Award winners were judged by a panel made up of representatives from various municipalities. Mississauga along with Cambridge and the Town of Innisfil received one award each, and two awards were given to the City of Toronto for two separate initiatives.

“I’m so proud of every one of the winners,” MISA Ontario president Connie McCutcheon told IT World Canada. “This is what MISA is all about – getting excited and sharing your story so that others can build off the work that you’ve done.”

Participants were judged based on how well their initiatives supported their city’s strategic objectives; the degree to which the projects improved service delivery to citizens and businesses; and the level of collaboration between IT and other city departments.

The City of Mississauga, which was represented at the awards presentations by CIO and IT director Shawn Slack and IoT project manager Ron Kremer, received the coveted award for its Virtual Campus project.

Introduced last year in May, the Virtual Campus enables post-secondary students to access school resources anywhere in the world from Mississauga through eduroam — an education roaming system.  Mississauga is the first Canadian city to make eduroam available to its student population.

“Technology plays a significant role in enabling a connected and engaged City,” said Mayor Bonnie Crombie at the launching of the Virtual Campus. “The progress we are making through our innovative IT Master Plan positions the City as a leader in Smart City technology. It is also a large part of what makes Mississauga a great place to live, work, attend school or do business.”