Every town is unique, and Streetsville is no exception! Here’s a list of just some of the things that make “The Village in the City” so special, especially to those who call it home.

Can you call yourself a local Streetsvillian?

  1. Your summers are spent outside of Murphy’s Ice Cream Parlour, where you’re bound to run in to someone you know (whether you’re wanting to or not!)
  2. Bread n’ Honey isn’t just a delicious food combination to you; it’s an annual tradition! https://www.breadandhoneyfestival.ca/
  3. Winters are spent at the local Vic Johnston rink, whether it be cheering for the Streetsville Tigers or horsing around at the free skate.
  4. You’re the first to check out a new Streetsville restaurant or store.
  5. You’ve seen Streetsville in the spotlight during the filming of multiple movies and TV shows (check out Movies and TV Shows Filmed in Streetsville – yourSAUGA https://yoursauga.com/movies-tv-shows-filmed-streetsville-yoursauga/).
  6. You’ve had some pretty wild nights at the Streetsville Legion (and at Cuchulainn’s… and at the Franklin House… and… well, you get the picture).
  7. Hazel McCallion is your local hero.
  8. You went to Streetsville Secondary School.
  9. You tobogganed on the Vic Johnston hill when you were a kid.
  10. You’ve spotted the Streetsville Turkey (affectionately named “Timothy” by many).
  11. You’ve watched the Canada Day fireworks on the hill at Streetsville Memorial Park.
  12. You frequent the River Grove Trail.
  13. Whenever you tell someone where you’re from, you typically say Streetsville instead of Mississauga.
  14. You manage to get stuck at the railroad crossing daily.
  15. You can spot Kate’s Town Talk Bakery’s purple bags from a mile away.
  16. You’ve checked out the Streetsville Lions Farmers’ Market on Saturdays.
  17. You’ve waved to Timothy the Bee in many, many parades.
  18. You’re a regular at Bobby’s and/or Skyway Jack’s.
  19. You know that Streetsville is home to an outrageous number of hair salons (but, alas, no grocery stores).
  20. Kay Matthews’ has been your tour guide around the historic village during one of her famous Candlelit Historical Walking Tours http://www.villageofstreetsville.com/event-directory/
  21. You love being a part of the strong sense of community spirit that Streetsville has to offer, and look forward to many more years in the charming “Village in the City”!