You love pizza. Everyone loves pizza. The reason pizza is so popular is because even crappy pizza is still OK. It’s practically impossible to screw-up pizza and so it’s always a reliable option.

The good news is, in a town as food-obsessed as Port Credit, you don’t need to settle for OK pizza, you can find some seriously delicious pie! Today we’re looking at the very best ‘za stores in Port Credit, where you can grab yourself a quick and tasty slice or a gourmet wheel.

Great Canadian Pizza

Exactly as the name suggests, Great Canadian Pizza is a source of delicious ‘za that is made with top-quality Canadian ingredients.

Great Canadian Pizza, located along Lakeshore Road East, allows customers to create their own pizza with a wide variety of toppings, as well as offering fresh salads and pasta!

Snug Harbour

Snug Harbour is a staple of Port Credit, almost as iconic as the lighthouse, so it should come as no surprise that it offers some of the best food and service in Mississauga.

The pizza made at Snug Harbour is gourmet personified, using fresh ingredients that you wouldn’t normally find at your regular pizza joint. Snug only offers three types of pizza but what they lack in alternatives, they make up for in precision. The three options on sale are delicious thin crust pizza’s that utilize Snug’s speciality fish and vegetable. Be it salmon, artichoke, capers, or bocconcini, you won’t forget┬áthese pizza’s anytime soon.


Located right in the heart of Port Credit, Pizzaiolo is authentic gourmet Italian pizza.

Whether you get a quick slice or a fresh-made pie, Pizzaiolo is consistent in quality and even offers vegan and gluten-free options. On top of this you can grab a calzone, a garden-fresh salad, or a healthy beverage! A little more expensive than most other locations but you get what you pay for!


The Crooked Cue

Not strictly a pizza joint but The Crooked Cue in Port Credit is one of the most popular bars in Mississauga. Even though it’s been around since 1920, The Crooked Cue was recently renovated to give the famous bar a more modern look, while retaining the casual atmosphere.

The Cue is beloved for its array of pool tables but it also boasts a shiny new kitchen, equipped with a huge pizza oven. A window into the kitchen allows patrons to view the cooks as their food is made and you can watch your pizza be rolled from fresh dough to oven-baked perfection!

Amadio’s Pizza

Amadio’s Pizza has been around for over 25 years and perfected the pizza-making process. That’s a bold statement I know, but the store has received many awards over the years, including 2016 Canadian Pizza Chef of the year, and Best Pizza In Canada, that should tell you everything you need to know!

Amadio’s has a pretty big menu that offers oven-baked chicken wings and pasta, panzorotti’s, chicken fingers, and a huge variety of fresh ingredients. The pizza is whatever you want it to be and very affordable, which makes the awards all the more impressive. Unrivalled quality and consistency is why Amadio’s Pizza is Canada’s best!