Port Credit is one of the liveliest villages in all of Mississauga, largely due to the number of high-quality bars.

Walking down Lakeshore Road you’ll find a bar every few steps, each of which has a completely unique vibe and will make you desperate to come back. There are a dozen bars spread throughout the small village but we’ve narrowed it down to the best five for you to experience!

The Crooked Cue

Arguably the most popular bar in Port Credit right now, The Crooked Cue has been around since 1920 but you wouldn’t know it.

Historic portraits adorn the walls to remind you of the history that the Cue was built upon but everything else is fresh and modern. Having undergone a recent remodel, The Crooked Cue is a uber-stylish bar with TV’s on every wall, electric fireplaces, a large rectangular bar, and, of course, the iconic pool tables! Throw-in the patio and it’s easy to see why The Crooked Cue is so popular.

Door Fifty-Five

Fifty-Five, along the main street of Port Credit, is a hot-spot for millennials and that’s not a bad thing!

With a rustic, Pinterest-style decor, Door Fifty-Five is less intimidating than many other bars in Port Credit, and prides itself on being casual. Fifty-Five also celebrates southern US style cuisine and real whiskey that hearkens back to the Prohibition Era! If it’s the alcohol you seek, Door Fifty-Five has a stunning selection and quality to boot!

The Port House Social Bar & Kitchen

Formerly Ten restaurant, The Port House in Port Credit is hard to miss; it’s located right on the corner of Lakeshore and Hurontario, and shines like a bright blue version of the lighthouse on the other end of the town.

The Port House is not only a gorgeous space but it’s also a very exciting bar, with something going on every night of the week, be it live music, cheap drinks, or special dishes.


Spice is a unique bar in Port Credit because of its distinctly Spanish influences and its intimate setting.

Technically more of a lounge than it is a bar, Spice is a compact space that somehow fits more character and atmosphere than places double the size. At least partially because of the selection of wines and cocktails from Spain, Argentina and Chile. Throw in their signature tequila’s and tapas, and you’ll have a night unlike any other.

The Brogue Inn

Our final bar on the list is a staple of Port Credit, The Brogue Irish Pub. And yes, your writer might be an Irishman, but that’s got nothing (or at least very little) to do with The Brogue’s inclusion on this list!

Mississauga has a number of Irish bars, but few are as authentic and fun as The Brogue. Boasting real imported Irish beers like Harp, Hop House 13, Smithwicks, Kilkenny, and, of course, Guinness, the Inn is family-owned and genuinely Irish. Many bars claim to be right out of the emerald isle, but lack the architecture, atmosphere, and small touches that make it so. The Brogue is a hugely popular destination every Saturday and Sunday for English Premier League soccer games, and also Thursday nights when a traditional Irish band plays the classics. So head on over to The Brogue if what you’re after is a cosy night with good music, good food, the best beer (OK, maybe some bias), and a laugh.