Often as we get into the idea of having fun is usually downsized by other priorities, but don’t worry as YourSauga is here to save your day. We have scoured the entire city in search of the perfect activity for adults. So here are Your4 activities for adults in Mississauga. Don’t worry as all of the activities listed are in line with government safety guidelines.

11 Axe Throwing (Bad Axe Mississauga)

Located on Tomken, Bad Axe Mississauga offers you the option to let out your inner lumberjack. As you heave your choice of axe at the wooden board, taking with it all of your anger from the week (did we mention this makes a great therapist), you’ll leave calmer and cooler knowing that you’re now officially an axe thrower. Plus for those who want to indulge in an adult beverage, you can enjoy some of the best craft brews that Mississauga has to offer. The walk-in timings can be found on their website.


22 Trampoline Park (Sky Zone)

Though SkyZone is seen as a child friendly activity, with the new additions to the “Zone” you’ll surely enjoy. With the popularity of the Ninja Warrior series, feeling like you’re a part of the movement can make you feel like a true Ninja Warrior. From the warped wall which does have different heights to the Ninja Warrior course, which will let you compete against your friends to decide who the true ninja warrior is. Beyond this, the classic fare such as basketball and the foam pit are there to make you feel like a kid again.

33 VR Arcade (Reboot Reality)

For those who want a bit of an escape from everyday life, virtual reality is the perfect solution. As you can be anything you want in this immersive experience, from a zombie hunter ridding the world of the undead to a gourmet chef working with the rest of your friends to get dishes made and out of your kitchen. If you haven’t tried VR before, you owe it to yourself to give it a shot, after all it is the way of the future. 

44 Escape Room (De Code)

There’s nothing more satisfying like completing an escape room. As your wits are tested against your friends in an effort to see who can be the MVP of your group. For the spirits competitive among you, the escape room is a perfect way to stand out among your group. Check it out, you surely will not be disappointed. Note that due to the restrictions, you will be required to book online prior to going to the premises.