As we creep out of lockdown we’re seeing people want to embrace nature in ways they didn’t before. We don’t know how long it will be until concerts and sporting events return, and we’re still not allowed to go sit on a bar patio with our friends and talk the night away.

So one thing we’ve been seeing is an incredible uptick in folks buying bikes from Mississauga’s great stores. And if you’re someone whose interested in getting outside, losing some weight, and getting yourself a great bike, check out our list of where to buy them. And if you want to know where to ride your bike, keep reading!

David J. Culham Trail

The David J. Culham Trail is a huge, 13 kilometre one that is perfect for cycling with beautiful views of the adjoining river. The trail is known for both fishing and cycling, with mountain-bike enthusiasts flocking to the area. And because the trail is so long there are various routes of varying difficulty, so it’s great for all ages and experience levels!

Start Point: University of Toronto

End Point: Barbertown

Length: 13.2KM

Sawmill Trail

Sawmill Trail is a 9 KM trek that is good for all ages because it offers lots of accessible paths that are good and wide. The Sawmill Trail features lots of trees hanging over the paths, while also hugging a river. The Sawmill Trail starts at the same point as the David J. Culham Trail in Erindale, however that trail heads north, while the Sawmill Trail branches west towards Erin Mills.

Start Point: University of Toronto

End Point: Glen Erin Drive

Length: 9KM

Applewood Trail

Applewood Trail is a 6.6 kilometer trail that runs through the beautiful Applewood Park. It’s a little less busy than some of the other trails and it’s no less pretty, with the river than runs right along the side.

Start Point: Dixie Road

End Point: Eastgate Parkway

Length: 6.6KM

Cooksville Creek Trail

The Cooksville Creek Trail is a really easy one that is great for the whole family, or those not looking for a great challenge. The low elevation of the wide pathways makes it a great ride for a Sunday afternoon, and you can finish off your journey in Cooksville Park and relax.

Start Point: Robert Speck Parkway

End Point: Cooksville Park

Length: 8KM