Doubles – a simple street food originating in Trinidad and Tobago. If you haven’t had them, you owe it to yourself to try it. Two pillowy soft pieces of fried bread filled with delicious curried chickpeas. It provides the perfect option, whether you’re looking to get a snack or simply want something to recover from a hangover. We’ve compiled a list of some of the best doubles in Mississauga.    

1Leela’s Roti & Doubles

A legendary spot within Mississauga, Leela’s Roti & Doubles is well established since 2009. With their sauga famous recession specials on Tuesday/Wednesday, where you can get some amazing deals on the meals you love. Plus the doubles here are out of this world delicious, offering a variety of different spice levels and fillings like the more classic channa (chickpea) to non vegetarian options like chicken, goat and shrimp. You can have these amazing doubles with some unique chutneys like Mango, Tamarind, Banania, pepper sauce and coconut chutney. There definitely isn’t a lack of flavour here, so go enjoy a Mississauga staple. 

2Radica’s Hot & Spicy

Radica’s Hot & Spicy is another great option if you’re looking for incredible Caribbean food. With a more traditional spin on the double, you’ll be able to enjoy a truly Caribbean style double. For those who can’t get enough of that doubles flavour, you should try the triples! Doubles with an extra layer of deep-fried dough and chickpeas. Think of the triples as Radica’s iteration of the big mac.      

3Lena’s Roti & Doubles

Lena’s Roti & Doubles offers you an affordable double that you can absolutely gorge on. Plus on weekends, Lena’s also offers doubles specials that will ensure you get to embrace the mountain of doubles you’ve been dreaming of. Like some of the other options on this list, Lena’s offers non vegetarian doubles. More specifically, they offers some great chicken doubles, which are halal if you were wondering. So when you’re looking to go into a food coma, Lena will definitely help you out.    

4Calabash Caribbean Cuisine

Calabash Caribbean offers a humble take on the double, adding the signature spices and curried chickpeas that make doubles so delicious. The minimalist take on the double here ensure that you get to truly enjoy the natural flavours of a good double, without all of the additional frills and sauces to skew the taste. You definitely need to make a trip to Calabash if you’re looking to enjoy a double in its most natural state.