Having to worry about day to day life can be stressful enough. Now add the added pressure of holidays like Halloween and it can often mean that you’re having to plan everything last minute. Whether it is getting the decorations together (here are a few suggestions) or having to get the candy.

Unfortunately with a lot of individuals having the same candy issue, we wanted to ensure you were looking in the right places to ensure your hastily thrown Halloween goes off without a hitch. So here are some of the best last minute places to get Halloween candy ready for the trick-or-treaters.  


Where else but the place where you can always be guaranteed the lowest price on everything. If you’re passing by to grab some items for that last minute costume (here are a couple ideas). You can easily get some great deals on candy that will make your house the talk of the neighbourhood among all the trick or treaters. So feel free to peruse the shelves if you’re looking to stock up.


Image result for costcoIf you have a Costco membership, this place will definitely be a great last minute option. As you’re able to purchase an entire night’s worth of Trick-or-Treating candy in one box, since the company is well known for selling in bulk. There are a variety of different candy options to choose from, especially if you’re looking to be conscious of those with allergies.


In stark contrast to the other options on this list, Amazon offers the luxury of skipping the mad dash of the many others who may be looking to stock up as well. Since you’re using Amazon to satisfy your weekly shopping needs, it is only natural that you should use Amazon to help you here too. With Amazon you’re only a few clicks away from getting the candy to come to you. If you do have their Prime membership you can get your candy right to your door by tomorrow, as they offer free one day shipping. 

4Dollarama (or any Dollar Store)

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As there is usually a dollar store in your area, it’s seems simple enough to make a trip to grab some last minute candy. It is a great affordable option which you can probably buy at a discounted rate (it is a dollar store after all), definitely be on the lookout for those 2 or 3 for a dollar deals as you’ll get some great value out of those options. There are also some great bulk finds you can get here which will allow you to stock up for the night.