Pizza, some would describe it as a key to the soul. As it has this unique quality to make you feel both loved and comforted at the same time during each sitting. It’s the reason that it is often the go-to meal when we see comfort, yet not all pizza is made equal. 

So with that in mind we’ve put together a list of the best places to grab a great slice of pizza in Mississauga.

1San Francesco Foods

Offering some of the great italian classics you know and love like their famous veal sandwich or their amazingly authentic pizza, San Francesco Foods will comfort you like no franchise could ever do. With fresh ingredients and some of Nonna’s amazing recipes, it is definitely a great option to check out if you want a true Italian style pizza.    

2Amadio’s Pizzeria 

We’ve actually covered Amadio’s in the past, which you can see here. As it is truly an almost heavenly slice of pizza on a Saturday night. Given that Amadio’s has won many awards, such as being named Mississauga’s best independent pizzeria and being named 2016 Canadian pizza chef of the year, you will not be disappointed. Now if you’re wondering what’s on the menu, they have a wide selection of pizza topping options to choose from, but if you’re not looking to have a pizza don’t worry as Amadio’s does also have alternatives like oven baked wings, pasta, and much more to choose from. 

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3Molisana’s Bakery

Now this may sound non traditional, as many don’t often associate bakeries with having pizza options. Well then you’re surely in for a surprise, as this location offers 10 different, from your classic pepperoni or cheese options to more specialty options like a greek pizza or even a potato pizza. Given that it is a bakery, you can guarantee that you’re getting a crust that is actually made from scratch. Break those perceptions about bakeries and just try the pizza from here.

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4Marconi Pizza

Having been around for over 50 years, Marconi Pizza is truly an institution within Mississauga. Offering that real neighbourhood pizza joint environment, you will feel like family every time you come through the door. They offer that the more traditional pizza offers, made both with love and the lack of compromise when it comes to making the perfect pie.