As summer is almost here and the weather is slowly warming up, there is nothing better than a casual bike ride around Mississauga. As you get to enjoy the the small things that can truly turn your day around. The only way you can truly experience that feeling is by having your bike ready to go for your ride. 

So here are 4 of the best bike shops in Mississauga to get you ready for the summer. 

4Via Ciclante (222 Queen Street S.)

Located in the heart of Streetsville, Via Ciclante is a perfect option for those looking for quality road bikes and accessories. As their mission statement states that they are passionate to provide detailed service and deliver customer satisfaction every time. As their aim is to inspire cyclists to pedal their way to happiness and fulfillment. They are still open

Having served the community for the past 30 years, they have a wide variety of bicycle options for every purpose from the more casual ride to those looking for a heavy duty mountain bike. 

3Van de Velo (1708 Lakeshore Road West)

Van de Velo offers the true European approach to cycling. From the name to the services offered, as the owner/master mechanic Paul VW truly embraced his Dutch roots when opening this shop. 

You can see the passion for the world of cycling, as beyond the accessories, bike repair and bicycles, this shop also offers training classes for those who are looking to enter the world of bicycling. The vision for this shop is to provide the highest quality bicycle you’ll experience.   

2GEARS Bike Shop Mississauga (176 Lakeshore Rd. West)

Much like other shops on this list, Gears Bike Shop offers some great repair options if you’re looking to get your bike tuned up. Additionally, there are also some great alternative plans for those who may not necessarily have the time to either visit the store or even those who may not want to buy a bike.

As something unique to this shop is both the mobile versatility whereby you can have a repair tech come to you. There is also the option to rent a bike for those who do not want the full commitment of buying one.

1Bike Zone (734 Dundas Street East)

Bike Zone is an all season bike shop specializing in providing the best opportunities to enjoy your bike. Whether that means improving your performance on the trail or simply learning to wheelie down the road.

This shop provides you with expert level equipment and staff expertise to ensure that your bike is performing at its peak level. You won’t be disappointed with your biking experience.