Have you sworn to lose weight in the new year? Are you promising things will change in 2020? That you’ll slim down? Gain some muscle etc.?

Well you’re one of the many, many people who do so each and every year. We recently wrote a piece about the most common new year’s resolutions and how you go about keeping them. And today we’re telling you which gyms you can sign-up to in January to begin your new hobby.

Mississauga has hundreds of great gyms, to the point where there’s almost one on every street corner. Whether you’re in Streetsville, Cooksville, Erin Mills, Clarkson, Port Credit, Malton, or wherever, there’s a good gym to be found.

However we’ve narrowed that long list down to just four, and they’re gyms we endorse for you to get your new body. Good luck and don’t give up!