Is Halloween your Christmas? Is Michael Myers your Santa Claus? Is Salem Saberhagen your spirit animal? Is pumpkin spice your eggnog? Do you associate with The Grinch? Are skulls your snowmen and haunted houses your snowy grottos? Then we are kin and I have a great list of haunted abodes for you to visit around Halloween this year.

To mere mortals who can’t understand the joys of all things autumn, horror, and Halloween, the idea of visiting a haunted house is downright baffling. To us creeps, there’s something incredibly alluring about seeking out spooky haunted houses and visiting in the hopes of seeing something paranormal.

Which brings us to Mississauga. You may or may not know that Mississauga is home to a few different haunted houses, and today we’re pointing you in the direction of four you should definitely visit in the next week. Grab your EVP recorder, your EMF meter, and a spare pair of underwear, and head to one of these cursed dwellings!