Many of us have been sent home from work amidst the Coronavirus pandemic, but we’re still expected to do our jobs. If you’re used to a busy office enviornment and have no experience working from home, then you might find it quite difficult to adapt.

Well we’re here to help you get into a rhythm with working from home, so that you can maximise your time and not see it as such a chore. We’ve put together a short list of tips and advice to get you working efficienlty from home.

Don’t Work In Your Bed

One of the most important aspects of working from home is not to work from your bed.

We know it could be tempting to not even leave your bed, but just as they say you shouldn’t poop where you eat, you shouldn’t work where you sleep.

It’s important that you get out of your comfy bed and shake off your weariness, in order to get the day started right. And a pint glass of water will get those electrolytes firing as well.

Get Dressed

The second step to working efficiently from home is to take a shower and get dressed, as you normally would.

This is another key aspect in order for you to actually feel like you’re doing something, despite just sitting at home. Getting up and putting on your rags can trick your body from thinking it’s chilling and lazing around on a Saturday, to feeling like you have something to do. It might sound silly, but this is arguably the most important part.

Do It Early

Perhaps it should go without saying, but if you allow yourself to put your work off, chances are it’s not going to get done.

It would be easy to wake-up at noon, lay in bed watching YouTube while holding your breath to test for breathing difficulties, but the best method for coping is to just get up and get to work. Get your work out of the way as early as possible, so that you have the rest of your day free.

Establish A Routine

As you can see, there is no magic trick or secret sauce to maximising your new home-work lifestyle. It’s all about establishing a routine that works for you, and one you don’t deviate from.

Humans need routine in order to function correctly, it’s just how we are. And while it might be nice to not have to get up at the crack of dawn and hop on a bus or train and go to the office, you need to establish a new wake-up time and follow our easy steps. Get up, wash, dress, drink some water, and work early with no distractions.