St. Patrick’s Day is happening on a Tuesday this year, which always makes it a little bit harder to celebrate the way people like to.

However, if you’re a family you already know the drill. St. Patrick’s Day is not exacly what we think of as a family-friendly day, but it definitely can be and there’s no reason why families can’t enjoy it as much as everyone else. So we thought we’d put together a quick list of things a family can do on St. Patrick’s Day to join in the fun.

Celebrate At The Irish Club

Most bars are not excactly family-friendly on St. Patrick’s Day, because it’s a day of debauchery to put it mildly. However one great place you can go to celebrate the day with the kids is Mississauga’s long-running Irish Club.

On March 17th The Irish Club will be hosting St. Patrick’s Day live music, performances, food, and drink until 8PM, at which time the kids are no longer permitted. So if you want your kids to join a party without having to go into Toronto, then this is probably your best bet.

Arts & Crafts

Kids absolutely love doing arts and crafts and St. Patrick’s Day provides some easy inspiration for a messy day of fun.

You can go to a store like Michael’s, Staples, or even Dollarama and buy some cheap craft paper, glitter, pipe cleaners, glue, paint and brushes, staples, twine, and whatever else you might need. From there you can craft some paper cut-outs, paintings, and lots more. For some idea’s, check out this list of easy crafts for kids.

Get Cooking

Baking and cooking is a fun passtime at any time of the year, but St. Patrick’s Day provides an opporutnity to attempt some things you normally wouldn’t.

There’s some obvious Irish foods like soda bread, Irish stew, and scones, but how about some lesser known dishes like gammon and potatoes, or try you hand at making traditional potato bread? And as for baking, you can make some cupcakes, cookies, shortbread, and more.

The Food Network has provided a handy list of St. Patrick’s Day recipes, so get your green apron on and get cooking!

Watch An Irish Movie

Ireland is not the first place that springs to mind when you think of movies or television, but much like Mississauga and Toronto, it’s a secret haven for lots of productions.

Game of Thrones is probably the most famous example of something shot in Ireland, but that’s not particularly kid-friendly. However there are a few great movies to watch with the family set on the emerald isle and here they are, links to trailers: The CommitmentsThe Quiet ManSong of the SeaLeap YearDarby O’Gill and the Little People, OndineBrooklyn, Laws of Attraction, and P.S I love You, to name a few.

For better or worse, many of the great movies and TV shows set or filmed in Ireland are very much not PG. However that short list is chock full of good entertainment, so check some of it out and get a feel for Ireland.