We recently wrote about how and why we need to rally around our local artists this year. And, of course, that extends well beyond just muscians and artists. There’s never been a more crucial time to support your local businesses, whether you live in Streetsville, Malton, Lorne Park, or Mineloa.

Local businesses are the heart and soul of Mississauga. Despite being an ever-growing city, we strive to hold onto our identity through our grassroots. And if we want that to stay true, then we need to continue to support those local businesses during this tought time. Instead of ordering your favourite beers from LCBO or other big stores, you should check out these local breweries.

World’s Finest Beer & Wine Co.

The World’s Finest Beer & Wine Company is Streetsville’s very-own answer to a local brewery. The company has been a staple of Streetsville since 1991, serving incredible beer and wines.

World’s Finest offers eight regular beers, 28 premium beers, and a dozen super premium beers. As well as over 50 red, white, Zinfandel, and speciality wines. There’s plenty to choose from but we have to recommend the Mississauga Diamon beer, for obvious reasons. And the best part is, you can brew the beer yourself!


Stonehooker Brewing Company

Stonehooker Brewing Company is the newest such company on this list, and you can find the charming space located along Lakeshore Road.

The brewery makes IPA’s, lagers, ale, stout, and lots more to suit any kind of taste palette. While the Stonehooker building is awesome and worth a visit when everything returns to normal, the company is offering drive-through pick-up, and delivery to your home no matter where you live in Ontario.


McClelland Premium Imports

This awesome beer store is located at Timerlea Boulevard, near Tomken Road. The company was founded in 2003 and it seeks to bring as many unique European beers to Canada as possible.

You can order beers from Belgium, Ireland, Austria, England, Germany, Poland, and so many more. And best of all, the company is offering delivery and curbside pick-up, so just contact them to place your order.


Old Credit Brewing Company

And our final shout-out for a local brewery keeping the fires burnign is the Old Credi Brewing Company in Port Credit. The brewery is something of a hidden gem in the town, as it’s located at 6 Queen Street West, not far from the Riverside Public School. In regards to their precautions during this time, the company posted this:

“In order to keep our customers and staff safe, we have been doing contactless transactions as much as possible! Pay over the phone or with tap on our portable terminal, we’ll bring the beer right to your car so you don’t even have to leave it.”

The Old Credit Brewing Company offers a plethora of home-made beers, and their shelves are stocked full with their unique blends. So order using the number below and support them!

Phone: 905-271-9888