The one great thing that has come out of this pandemic is the convenience of having food and things delivered to your home. For those who were stuck waiting in line for your groceries, there may some great news, as there is a convenient solution you can use.

With delivery services you’re easily able to get your groceries done, without ever having to go to the store. Here are some of the stores that have grocery stores that have delivery services available for you to save time. 


Sobey’s is one of the companies that has recently piloted their new grocery delivery service called Voila. With the app you’re able to create an account and pick the groceries you’d like delivered from the store you’d like delivered to. There is a one hour turn around for all deliveries so you can be guaranteed that you’ll receive everything you need for dinner right to your door.


For those who love the bulk savings of Costco without the commitment of having to pay for an annual membership, you’re in luck. As Instacart offers quick and easy delivery from your favourite bulk retailer right to your door. With all of the great savings you get from not paying for that membership you can use that to go to the cottage for a weekend with your favourite people. 


Finding the unique and exotic ingredients you need to perfect that new pinterest recipe has never been simpler. A trip to T&T can be just a few button clicks away on Instacart. The catalog of items is easily available ensuring that you get the best quality items at the touch of a button. 


During the pandemic, Walmart has become a hub for all. As the superstore offers virtually everything you need to get through the situation. What that also means is endless lines and waiting, however the option of having food delivered to your hope is now available again with Instacart.

If you’re the type of person who is looking for an outing (given we’ve had to stay inside the past couple months) Walmart’s store pickup options is also a great alternative to waiting in long lines. All you would need to do is select the groceries you’d like and pick the store closest to you for the pick up. The team will let you know when the pick-up is ready for you. 

We hope this will help you save time while also being able to easily quarantine. With the convenience offered you can definitely say goodbye to the long lines and crowds that are commonplace with the lifted restrictions.