With Mississauga officially moving to stage 2 of reopenings, this has been an exciting time for all. As businesses & restaurants are slowly getting back to normal, it is important for you to do so as well (in a safe manner). 

That all starts with enjoying and having a fun time prior to 2020. So here are a few fun ideas you can try in Streetsville during stage 2.

4Relax by the Credit River

For those who are to relax and enjoy the natural beauty in the area, Streetsville is conveniently located right by the Credit river. So you owe it to yourself to take advantage of this fact, as there are a variety of different open areas along the river for you to enjoy the serenity within the area. You can either relax by yourself or even make it a fun little picnic. 

3Take a Walk In Town

With the hustle and bustle of everyday life, the small moments often get lost or underappreciated. One key example is the historic glory within Streetsville, as this little historic town has played a huge role in the growth of Mississauga. This is why it is important to take a stroll through the town and just soak in all of the happenings of the past.  

2Grab a Drink at the Franklin Patio or Starbucks 

For those looking to unwind, the historic Franklin House has got you covered. As you can enjoy some great drink options on the patio, like the classic Canadian to more international options such as the good ol pint of Guinness. Beyond the drinks the food is quite good, as you can indulge in the growing fried pickle trend that has been sweeping the nation.

For those who may want more of a caffeine fix, the local starbucks offers just such an option. With the classics you know and love, along with the seasonal drinks you can indulge in. You can definitely take yourself back to the pre-pandemic days with every sip.

1Enjoy The Outdoors At Streetsville Memorial Park

Nothing is better than an easy, relaxing time at the park. With the local parks in the area there are plenty of options. The real gem though is the Streetsville Memorial Park, as there is plenty of shady spots to picnic under during those hot days and various different outdoor options like the play areas and softball diamond if your family is in an active mood.