It’s no secret that Mississauga has long played second fiddle to Toronto. So much so that our city was once known as Toronto’s motel.

Well our long journey has seen us shed that moniker, and rapidly rise to Canada’s fifth largest city. During that process we also became a food city, just like our friendly neighbour, and now boast some of the absolute best restaurants and eateries in the country!

That being said, Toronto is often still the go-to spot for new and hip food trends. Toronto serves as the testing ground and when something is successful, it usually makes it’s way to us. Which isn’t a bad thing whatsoever, because it means we only get the best of the best.

However there are a few spots in Toronto right now that we’d love to see make the jump to Mississauga. And that’s what we’re listing here today. With so many great spots downtown, it’s hard to limit it down to four, but just know that these are the cream of the crop and would be a huge boost to any area of Mississauga.