Rich or poor, young or old, jobless or CEO, we’re all in the same boat right now. Literally all of us are cooped up inside, trying to stay safe and healthy during this trying time of isolation.

We recently wrote some pieces on how to entertain kids during isolationhow to work efficiently from home, and where to buy food and supplies, but today we figured we’d try and help you not go insane. It’s not easy finding ways to entertain yourself during isolation, but it just means you need to do some things out of the norm and challenge yourself. It’s the only way you’ll come out the other side intact. So read on!


Self-explanatory and obvious, all of us need to be doing something in order to stay relatively fit and healthy right now. We don’t know how long we’ll be trapped inside, and we don’t want to remerge from our cocoons twice the weight we were.

There are lots of great at-home exercises for men, women, children, and even older people, so there’s no excuse not to get a good sweat going. Trust me, it’ll give you a blast of energy and make you feel a lot better.

Be Creative

You know that book you’ve always wanted to write? The screenplay? Or how about your long desire to learn painting? Or guitar? Well now is the time.

The bittersweet thing about this qurantine is that there are no more excuses. If you’ve always wanted to create something but found a way not to get it done, now you have all the time in the world to make it. Even if you’ve never had any desire to be creative, try your hand at writing in a diary, drawing a picture, or learning that dusty instrument in your room. You’ll feel a whole lot better about yourself if you emerge from this situation with a new talent.

Teach Yourself

Humans crave education. That might not seem true because most of us hated school, but the reality is we all need to learn things. If you aren’t growing you’re stagnating, and learning new things is a great way to stay mentally active and healthy.

But what can you learn indoors I hear you say? Well for one thing, now is the perfect time to learn some cooking or baking skills. If that’s not your thing though, learn to knit, draw, write, meditate, or learn a language. If you want to change career then now is the time to take an online course and improve your CV.

And there’s nothing stopping you from ordering some art supplies from Amazon and putting Bob Ross on the TV for inspiration.

Immerse Yourself In Entertainment

Captain Marvel, Brie Larson, with her Nintendo Switch

Of course, if you don’t care for any of the above, or you already do some or all of it, then the best way to entertain yourself right now is through the usual means.

There has literally never been a time in history when we’ve had so much enteratinment at our fingertips. We have streaming services like Netflix, Prime, Disney+, Apple TV, WWE Network, Crave, and more. That alone is millions of hours of TV shows, movies, and sports.

And then there’s video games. Be it PlayStation 4, Xbox One, or Nintendo Switch, there are thousands of video games to play, including the recent releases of Doom Eternal and Animal Crossing. Now is the perfect time to throw yourself into an immersive video game and escape the real world.

Beyond that you have music in the form of Spotify, countless podcasts, and an entire world of books and comics. So there is no shortage of ways to pass the time in isolation, it’s just a matter of getting off the couch and doing it! Stay safe.