Have you been laid-off in the past month? Perhaps you’re on paid leave? Or you’re one of the many temporarily laid-off? Maybe you’ve just gotten a taste for sleeping in and not commuting. If so, we have something you might be interested in.

We’re all stuck at home right now, barring the incredible essential workers out there. And we’re doing our best to help by recommending TV shows to binge watch, how to keep your children entertained, how to stay entertained, and, most pertinent today, how to work efficiently from home.

And that’s because we’re talking job opportunities. Whether you’ve lost your job, want a new one, or just want to earn some cash on the side, we’ve put together a short list of work-from-home job openings that you can apply for right now. These range from entry level positions to experienced ones, so no matter what your skillset or experience level, you can potentially shift to a brand new life where you get to sleep late every day and work at your own pace. So get that CV sharpened and get to work!