Going to Thailand is seen by some as one of those bucket list vacations. However, actually getting to Thailand would mean having to save up, but what if we told you that you don’t need to fly there to get a taste of the amazing cuisine. You’d probably think we were crazy right, with such statements like “it’s not the same” or “it’s not authentic”.

One dessert spot in Mississauga is trying to provide you with a true and authentic taste of Thailand that you may never have never experienced or craved to get back to. That’s right, Wow Wow Yum Yum (yes, that is actually the name) inside Rockwood mall provides you with an opportunity to try one of Thailand’s most famous street food specialties: Thai style ice cream rolls.

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What you can expect

Mango Thai Ice Cream Rolls

There are a multitude of different Thai ice cream roll flavours to choose from. With options ranging from healthier options like raspberry and Thai lychee to more unique options like avocado and taro or ginger and purple yam. Combining any of these rolls with the fresh egg bubble waffle (as shown) will take your dessert experience to new heights. If you’re not into some of the store created flavours, you can customize your own ice cream rolls. Utilizing the ingredients available at the store’s disposal, you are able to enjoy a brand new gastronomical experience.   

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Now, if you’re not looking to indulge in ice cream, don’t worry as you can easily enjoy a milkshake, bubble tea, fresh fruit smoothie or lemonde. These alternatives are great options that satisfy your taste buds and cool you down on a hot day. Again, you’ll be able to enjoy some healthy as well as unique flavours that will make you say “Why haven’t I had this before”. As all the drinks here are made fresh without any of those preservatives or fillers, you’re able to enjoy a real authentic tasting drink for an affordable price.

What the public have to say

“I came back here so many times just because of Thai roll ice cream’s taste. You should come up with bubble waffles too. Highly recommend the Oreo favor. Moreover, you also can choose 2 more toppings  like marshmallow or choco chips or cookie etc. Good price and location though.” 

 – Minh T.


“I took my Thai husband, brother and friend visiting from the United States over the weekend. We were SO impressed. It is a great treat for a hot day. Awesome assortment of flavors (I had the coffee, phenom!). A must try if you’re in the area. Unexpected location. Very fun to watch the fresh ice cream and bubble waffle being made in front of you!! 

– Christine P.

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For those looking to enjoy an international dessert experience without ever having to leave the city, this is definitely the place to be. As you won’t get a better or more unique alternative to dessert quite like enjoying some incredibly decadent Thai ice cream rolls at Wow Wow Yum Yum. This place is definitely a place you have to eat at if you’re in Mississauga.