Easing into the back to school routine. Hang up your swim trunks and strap on your backpacks, the new school year has arrived!

It’s inevitable, that time of year has arrived!  With back to school on the horizon, there are mixed feelings amongst parents and children.  After a busy summer, many parents will be somewhat relieved to see their children go back to school.  While some children and teenagers may be apprehensive about the start of school, they are certainly excited to reconnect with their friends.  Feelings will range from excitement to apprehension to sadness to say goodbye to the summer.  As they embark on a new school year, most children and teens will return to school re-energized from the much-needed break, ready to refocus their attention on their school work and extracurricular activities.  Likewise, teachers will be refreshed after a relaxing summer, ready to continue inspiring the minds of our youth.

One thing is for sure, the season flew by and it is hard to believe how quickly September has crept up on us.  For many families, back to school time can be a hectic time.  The following are a few tips to stay ahead of the game and help ensure September is as stress free as possible for you and your children!

 Familiarize yourself and your children with their school community

Take the walking or driving route to the school.  Along the way, go over safety practices including where and when to cross the street.  For younger children, remind them about stranger danger and the importance of going straight to school, and straight home after school.

Tour the school and meet the teacher

A new school can be intimidating for children at any age.  Squash any back to school fears by taking your children on a school tour.  If possible, meet with the teacher to break the ice early on.  Otherwise, take the opportunity to meet with teachers on the first day and establish a friendly connection.

Set a back to school schedule

In order to get your child back into the swing of things, you may want to prepare an afternoon/ evening schedule including designated homework times and a bedtime schedule for younger children.  Set aside time for play afterschool and reduce their screen time (for television, video games, tablet/laptop usage).  It is much easier to enforce a schedule early in the year before habits are formed.  For your own sanity, you may want to prepare a dinner schedule to follow during the week.

Preparation is key, stock up early

If the school has not already provided you with a supply list, sit down with your children to make a list of all the back to school basics.  Preparation is key, so plan a trip to stock up on back to school clothing and supplies to ensure your child is equipped for the new school year!


Wishing everyone a safe and happy school year!