Bringing New Life to Your Jewellery.

The beauty of jewellery goes through generations of carrying the memories of family members that have worn them. Be it the engagement ring of a grandmother, or the wedding band of a grandfather. Telling a story becomes part of the physical memories of gold diamonds, rubies, emeralds, sapphires and other gemstones. Talented jewellers can bring the pieces to new life by creating designs from rings to pendants or earrings. Old jewellery should not be forgotten and is waiting to be restyled into a new life.

Creating a mother’s grandmother’s or great grandmother’s diamond setting into a new engagement ring can recreate the feeling the joy for the new engaged lady.

At Lorne Park Jewellers bring in your old jewellery and you will be helped with all your questions and ideas. Since 1978 they have specialized with designing and restyling jewellery, giving you comfort and the trust that you may be looking for. The creative staff have all the experience and artistic flare to inspire you. They have a caring and professional touch.

Vanig and Raffi believe that the beauty of jewellery is passed down through generations and carries the memories of family members that have owned and worn it years before, be it the engagement ring of a grandmother or the wedding band of a grandfather. “Old jewellery should not be forgotten” Vanig says “as it is simply waiting to be restyled into something new.” Talented jewellers can bring new life to old pieces by creating special designs for rings, pendants or earrings. What better way to honour the life and traditions of a great grandmother than by having her diamond setting turned into a special new engagement ring that is sure to bring joy to a newly engaged couple?

Visit and be feel the joy of creating your new beauty of gold diamonds and gems.

Call 905.891.0001 or email: the store is located at 1107 Lorne Park Road, Unit #20 in Mississauga.