Chinese food; something that can be described as the easy going comfort food. The real question becomes where is the go to spot for good Chinese food? This is one of life’s toughest questions, as finding that perfect spot can often be like finding a pirate’s treasure (I have looked). 

You know, where the noodles are perfectly cooked, the General Tao’s is deliciously crunchy, and the dumplings are made fresh right in front of you. There is some good news for you, we have a few great restaurants to get some amazing Chinese food in Mississauga.  

Tremendous Chinese Restaurant (3550 Wolfedale Rd)

Noodle Drop soup at Tremendous

This is a Mississauga staple, having been here for the past 20 years. If you’re looking for that late night spot, they’re open till 4:00AM every night. This restaurant offers up some of the no frills classics you may love like cashew nut chicken or General Tao’s chicken, along with some amazing dim sum options that will make you feel like you’re on a cloud. This is definitely a great place to sober up after a long night of partying.  

Fortune Dragon Chinese Restaurant (6085 Creditview Rd)

Fortune Dragon Lunch Special

Looking for a quick grab and no lunch option? Well, this place is just what you need. This place has everything you need with good Chinese food; some fresh veges and protein mixed in this magical sauce that makes everything taste like heaven and makes you feel like your being hugged with every bite. The  They also offer personal lunch specials during weekdays if you’re looking for a place to go during your lunch break.  

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Chilli Chicken House (4040 Creditview Rd #25)

Chili Chicken

If you’re looking for amazing Hakka Chinese food, this is the place to come to. Serving up some amazing indo-chinese like the amazing Bombay chicken or the chili paneer. These dishes still stick to the formula that works with any good Chinese food;good protein and amazing sauce. While also presenting non sauce options that will still have you feeling that loving feeling that comes with good Chinese food. Note that if you’re picking up your food, pay with cash, as you’ll receive a 10% on your order.   

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Chinese Dumpling House (4040 Creditview Rd)

Chinese Dumplings

An affordable, yet delicious option for those looking for a healthy alternative to the standard Chinese fare within this list. Offering a wide array of dumpling fillings which cater to all tastes, you will not be disappointed with anything you get here. Like I said earlier, it’s not a true dumpling house unless you see the dumplings being made. That is the exact case here, as you’re able to see the process that goes into making those delicious dumplings. This is a hidden gem within Mississauga, so if you do get the chance to eat here, you owe it to yourself to try it out.