Someone got the idea to put the meaty treats on buns—but who?

Several conflicting claims exist. According to the Austrian city of Vienna, two Austro-Hungarian immigrants, Emil Reichel and Sam Ladany, invented the hot dog in their town. When the two men left Europe for Chicago, they took the recipe with them, and sold hot dogs at the 1893 World’s Fair.

Today hot dog’s can be found all over Sauga.

Zet’s – Malton

Zet’s does not keep its dog on a short leash. Grilled to perfection with a great bun, this dog can be topped as you wish. Priced well at $3.25 this may be the best deal for a dog. You can order your dog with cheese, a chili or the choose the popular Whistle Dog – cheese and chili!

Meanwhile, officials in Frankfurt, Germany, say that hot dogs were invented in their city in 1487. And according to a third tale, a butcher named Johann Georghehner, who lived in Coburg, Germany, invented the hot dog during the late 1600s, and traveled to Frankfurt to promote his new food.

John Anderson Charbroil Hamburgers – Dundas Street and Erindale Station Road

Even though the prolific scorer and Toronto Maple Leaf player John Anderson is no longer involved in this food franchise any more, the restaurant is still filled with some cool memorabilia from his hockey career. As a matter of fact, the décor probably dates back to the 1970’s. John Anderson scores with this jumbo dog. This hot dog is also grilled, with plenty of toppings. This dog tops out as one of the most expensive Sauga dogs.

Enjoy dousing your hot dog with ketchup, or eating it with a knife and a fork? You philistine. According to one meat trade association’s official etiquette guide for hot dog-eating (yes, this actually exists), it’s tacky to top your frank with the red sauce if you’re over 18 years old, and pretentious to consume it with utensils.

The Burger’s Priest – Port Credit

Yes, The Burger’s Priest has hot dogs. This Nathan’s dog is fried with little topping options. Boring comes to mind. Chili Cheese is an option and we suggest you go for this or you will be praying you did. This dog is the least expensive, but will leave you feeling like you wish you had the burger.

Other no-nos? Placing the dog on a fancy bun, like sun-dried tomato or basil, and serving it on anything fancier than a paper plate or everyday dishes. A few “dos”? Eat every part of the hot dog (including leftover bun bits), pair it with simple drinks and sides, and always lick off any condiments that you find on your fingers.

Five Guys Burger and Fries – South Common

One Guy said “we should have a hot dog!” other than that Guy, not sure everyone else agrees. Fried and plain with a simple bun, this dog needs to be leashed. Heck, the only topping available was ketchup. Which by the way…even though it’s supposedly gauche for adults to eat ketchup on a hot dog, this condiment is still a popular topping.  According to one survey, 71 percent of Sauga residents said they liked to garnish their hot dogs with mustard. However, an overwhelming 52 percent of respondents said they preferred to smother their dogs with the flavourful tomato sauce.