Reducing greenhouse gas emissions in Mississauga:  The Lions Club of Credit Valley pool first in the city to be heated by solar panels

It goes without saying the come summer, outdoor pools can be a virtual godsend. Mississauga has many public pools, but now one of them is more than just a place to cool off and have fun.

The Lions Club of Credit Valley outdoor pool in Port Credit has had solar panels installed to heat the pool.  Solar panels use the sun to generate heat, saving on energy and ultimately reducing greenhouse gas emissions, which are responsible for climate change and global warming.

Over the summer months, the City will be monitoring how the panels perform, collecting information to determine the overall benefits of using solar panels.  Compiled data will give the City guidelines for future installations of solar panels at other outdoor —and indoor—pools throughout Mississauga.

It only took one month to install the panels at the Lions Club pool.  With this installation, the City expects a savings of approximately 5,650 m3 gas, which translates to a reduction of 10.7 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions.

That’s quite a reduction in Mississauga’s carbon footprint, considering this saved emission volume is more than double of what is emitted by an average passenger vehicle in a whole year (4.6 tonnes).

The Lions Club of Credit Valley outdoor pool initiative is also an opportunity to show Mississauga residents the benefits of renewable energy, and encourage them to consider alternate energy sources.

The City is working on many other conservation initiatives that use energy efficient technology, such as heat recovery systems at four indoor pools, cold water ice resurfacing system, building automation system upgrades and many more.

The Lions Club of Credit Valley outdoor pool project and all the other conservation initiatives are aimed at transforming the City to “net zero” carbon use.  At “net zero” carbon use point, Mississauga will be offsetting the amount of carbon emissions emitted with an equivalent amount saved.

And that means a substantial shrinking of the City’s carbon footprint, and Mississauga becoming a leader in green initiatives, doing its bit to protect the environment and prevent climate change.