If you read and/ or recall the opening edition of this Health Series it touched upon how improving and maintaining one’s health can often lead to a better quality of life. In the opener of the Series, the activity – or exercise if you prefer – of yoga was discussed as one way to embark on a healthier life. In Part 2, we will talk about Pilates.

This form of exercise is described as “a physical fitness system” which was developed in the early 20th century” by German physical trainer Joseph Hubertus Pilates. Other than the limited physical evidence which illustrates that Pilates alleviates lower back pain and can improve balance, note that there are no current studies or evidence that shows that it’s an effective form of treatment for any medical condition. Despite that it is said that regular Pilates sessions can improve muscle – see abdominal muscles – conditioning in healthy adults as opposed to doing no exercise at all.

So for those who have lives or employment that causes back pain – especially in the lower region – or simply partake in activities, recreational sports for example, want to improve their balance and expand their muscle conditioning, Pilates is something you probably may want to take a look into.

In Mississauga local studios include:


3 Brant Ave

Mississauga ON, 3N9

Website: www.revivepilates.ca

Phone: 905-891-9642

Intro classes begin at just $25 per week and their “unique approach to Pilates, Garuda and Yoga bridges fitness and rehabilitation to ensure your goals are met” and provide classes for everyone – beginners, athletes, pre and post natal mommies and individuals with injuries”.


4259 Sherwoodtowne Blvd

Mississauga, ON L4Z 1Y5

Website: www.holisticbodyworx.ca

Phone: 905-281-3737

A combined Yoga and Pilates studio which two studios (a “hot” and a “non-hot”) for Yoga, Pilates and Fusion classes. Holistic also specialize in private one on one training and have instructors who can blend all three disciplines together. They are registered with the School of Yoga Alliance.


6 – 119 Lakeshore Rd.West

Mississauga, ON L5H 1E9

Website: www.pilatesbody.ca

Phone: 905-891-0891

PBS “teaches the world renowned SCOTT PILATES method with a studio outfitted with high performance equipment”. Not only can you take classes here but if you so desire you can become a teacher via their certification program.