If you can enjoy the sun all day, then it’s ideal for you to enjoy your swimming pool. But after a day’s swimming, it’s best to check the water quality.

The many hours of sunshine make the chlorine disappear more quickly. The UV rays of the sun break down the chlorine. After a sunny day, you should definitely check the chlorine level.

When the sun clocks up a lot of hours, the swimming pool gets used more. This also results in the products losing their effectiveness faster. After a day in the pool, test the water quality and add the necessary products.

In good weather, the chance of algae growth increases. This is why it is especially important to maintain the water quality and, in particular, the chlorine level during that period. This way, you will avoid green pool water and you can continue to enjoy the swimming pool.

Prolonged hot weather

In summer, we can sometimes be lucky enough to enjoy long periods of hot weather, when we have stable weather of around 25°C for a 2-week period or longer.

During these periods, the water from the pool will evaporate more quickly. Note: this can be a few centimetres a day. It is very important to top up the water during that period.

In such hot weather, the swimming pool gets used more than normal. This leads to an increase in the consumption of maintenance products. Make sure you have sufficient stock and that you adjust the water quality on a daily basis.

If you do not keep an eye on the water quality for a few days, the chance of algae growth will increase. If you are away for a weekend or a week, make sure someone comes in to check and adjust the water quality.

But good weather does provide a lot of advantages, of course. For example, the heating doesn’t have to run as the temperature hardly drops at night and nobody needs a swimming pool warmer than 30°C.

For more information, or to have your water tested, contact the Pool Supply Centre at 416 259-5089.

They are located at 212 Brown’s Line, Etobicoke.