For this week’s Hidden Gem, we’re taking a look at one of Mississauga’s most interesting and surprising businesses: TSC Wet Cleaners.

TSC Wet Clean is a small local business located within the Pavillion Plaza at 801 Dundas Street East. The store has been operating since 1988 and become a professional staple, not only of Mississauga residents, but also some of Hollywood’s biggest names, but we’ll get to that.

What exactly is the Wet Clean process? Well, first we’ll take a walk back through history. The dry-cleaning process was developed in the 1800’s and became popular for cleaning clothes without the use of water and thus reducing the chance of shrinkage. Dry-cleaning became hugely popular for producing a superior clean and removing stains that regular washing couldn’t.

The dry-cleaning process has gone relatively unchallenged since coming to prominence. However, TSC Wet Cleaners have developed a method of cleaning your clothes that is even better, more reliable and eco-friendly!

TSC Wet Clean is the first of its kind on Mississauga, and the wet cleaning process is the perfect alternative to dry-cleaning. Yes, even your clothes that say “dry-clean only” can be taken to the TSC Wet Cleaners and you will get even better results than the suggested method. That’s because, a Wet Clean foregoes the traditional use of dry-cleaning chemicals that are harmful to you and the environment, instead utilising bio-degradable detergents and the most important ingredient of all: water.

TSC Wet Cleaners make a simple promise that the company lives by; “As always our commitment and passion for cleaning clothes and delivering customer satisfaction remains our top priority. At TSC WET CLEAN we lavish clothing with expertise and attention to detail. Your garments will be returned to you clean, pristine, and free of toxic chemicals. You will see, smell, and feel the difference.”

So what can you get cleaned at TSC? Well just about anything; casual clothing, wedding gowns, handbags, sports equipment, leather and suede, rugs and carpets, ugg boots, and more. The TSC Wet Cleaners also provide alterations and repair services. It’s a one-stop-shop for all your cleaning needs.

Not just your cleaning needs however, as mentioned previously, A-List Hollywood celebrities have come from far an wide to use TSC Wet Cleaners’ services and have not left disappointed. Within the TSC premises, you’ll find a wall of headshots from the many celebrities who have stopped by for left incredibly impressed by the results.

Since it opened in 1988, TSC has provided Toronto’s film industry with it’s unique services. Over the past 20 years, the company has helped out with over 400 movie and TV productions, including Chicago, Cheaper By The Dozen, A History of Violence, Assault on Precinct 13, and X-Men. Some of the A-Listers they’ve provided services for include Sylvester Stallone, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Daniel Craig, Colin Firth, Halle Berry, Russel Crowe, Denzel Washington, and many more. That’s a who’s who of Hollywood that have been to TSC and couldn’t have been happier with the service.

It’s fair to say that TSC Wet Cleaners have redefined the cleaning process and proven that the alternative to dry-cleaning is not only environmentally friendly but also provides superior results. It’s one of Mississauga’s most unique and renowned businesses that you’re highly encouraged to try out, particularly if you have a garment with a stubborn stain or you want to keep your wedding dress looking pristine for eternity. TSC Wet Cleaners is truly a hidden gem that has been providing world-class service for almost 20 years!