Around the World in Mississauga

By: Sheena Osman

Not all of us are fortunate enough to leave the country during this holiday season. The best thing about Mississauga is its diversity and if you’re interested in experiencing different cultures in unique ways, there are a ton of fun things you can do locally without actually leaving the country. Here are some things you can do right here in Mississauga:

Take a Dance Class

Mississauga alone is home to a ton of dance studios offering different cultural dance lessons. It’s a great way to stay active, meet some friends and learn some moves to show off on the dance floor.

Here are just a few of the studios that offer Latin dance classes such as Salsa, Bachata and Kizomba:

Dance to the Rhythm: (I have taken classes here myself and love the intimate feel of the studio, very welcoming)


Blueheel Dance Studio:

Latin Energy:

And let’s not forget Indian dancing. These studios below offer everything from Classic Indian dance, Bollywood dance and Bhangra:

Shiamak Davar’s Dance Academy:

Dance Shala:

Sanskriti Arts:

Perhaps you want to take a step into the Middle East and experience the art of belly dancing. Here are a few studios that offer Belly dancing classes:

Astra’s Dance Studio:

Passion for Bellydance:

Plan a Night Out

There are quite a few nightclubs and lounges that have specific cultural nights. The popular nightclub &Company hosts Latin Nights on Wednesdays. Best part is, if you don’t know anything about Salsa or Bachata dancing, they have a complimentary dance lesson at 10pm prior to the dance floor opening up. And if dancing is not your thing, you can enjoy some drinks or just the music.

There are also a lot of Middle Eastern restaurants/lounges to check out in Mississauga. Le Royale Resto and Lounge is a popular place to check out on Friday and Saturday nights where you can enjoy the DJ spinning Arabic and English music and there are also live performances. The ambience is great because it is a mix of a nightclub feel as well as a laid back lounge as dining is available there too and the middle eastern food is phenomenal.

Sahara is a newer place that opened up in Mississauga and has a similar vibe to Le Royale. Sahara is now my favourite spot that I frequent. It features Lebanese food and entertainment. Their Friday nights is their popular DJ night with the DJ spinning Arabic and English music and their Saturdays feature live music and performances. They also have live bellydancers.

Now with these ideas, you can travel the world right here in Mississauga.