UFC is pretty much the perfect sport to watch in a bar with a few buddies. Each show lasts around six hours, with plenty of time in between fights to eat, drink, play pool, or just sit and talk. Then the fights begin and the atmosphere and intensity is unlike anything else. Watching football, hockey, soccer, etc., is great, but the UFC is a different beast, one that features quick fights with the toughest competitors in the world and it makes for an amazing spectacle.

Thankfully, Mississauga has no shortage of places to go and watch UFC events. The numbered UFC events only take place once a month, so they always generate a good turnout at each of the bars on this list, usually with regulars who have their favourite fighters to root for.

So, UFC 220 takes place on January 20th and features a massive Heavyweight fight, with Francis Ngannou challenging Stipe Miocic for the Championship. This is sure to be a heavy-hitting fight that is unlikely to go beyond the first round, so you’ll definitely want to come out to one of these bars and witness the action with a crowd.